Super Heroes

                            I                                                              II                                                      III

                            IV                                                               V                                                             VI

                       VII                                                              VIII


The edition is of 50 I: Captain America "Victory" 17" X 20"
II Fantastic Four We Are All Pissed" 17" X 20"
III Incredible Hulk "I'm Pissed" 17" X 20"
IV Silver Surfer "Surfing The Cosmos" 17" X 20"
V: Spiderman "I'm Pissed" 17" X 20" Signed by Stan Lee
VI: Spiderman "Under Fire" 17" X 20" Signed by Stan Lee
VII: Spiderman & Lizardman 17" X 20" Signed by Stan Lee
VIII: Wolverine "I'm Pissed" 17" X 20"

Gallery Retail List Price: US$
I: Capitan America "Victory" $5950 (One piece left)
II: Fantastic Four We Are All Pissed"
III: Incredible Hulk "I'm Pissed"
IV: Silver Surfer "Surfing The Cosmos"
V: Spiderman "I'm Pissed"
VI: Spiderman "Under Fire"
VII: Spiderman & Lizardman $5950 (One piece left)
VIII: Wolverine "I'm Pissed" $5950 (One piece left)

These Images Are No Longer Available & Are Being Displayed To Show Images Of Steve's Past Paintings.

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