Micha Bar Am

David Ben Gurion, Kibbutz Sde Boker, 1971

D A V I D . B E N . G U R I O N,
K I B B U T Z . S D E . B O K E R, 1 9 7 1

L I K E . M A N Y . A N O T H E R .visionary, during the twilight of his life, Ben Gurion spent his last years in seclusion in the desert. He lived in a Kibbutz and contemplated the future. Every day he took a walk in the early morning or late afternoon, sometimes in conversation with an accompanying friend but just as often alone with his vision-still unrealized-of a flourishing Negev. Today this road is an avenue in an olive grove and Ben Gurion is buried nearby.

11 x 14 inches Edition of 200
16 x 20 inches Edition of 300
Silvergelatin Photograph
Signed and Numbered by Micha Bar-Am 1981
(Portfolio is available as a set only)


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