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Micha Bar Am is an outstanding art photographer and, at the same time, perhaps the best practicing photo reporter we have in Israel today. It is in this capacity that he has gone on missions and created exhibitions for Beth Hatefutsoth which rank among the finest this museum ever displayed.

Micha Bar Am has all the talent, experience, power of observation and intelligence it needs to make an excellent photo reporter. But his real strength lies in his ability to lift photo documentary exhibition, created by Bar-Am’s hyper — sensitive camera, always becomes an unusual esthetic experience. The artistic value they carry, makes all his documentary exhibitions worth showing in art museums and photo art galleries, irrespective of their varying documentary content.

Jesaja Weinberger
Director of Beth Hatefutsoth
The Nahum Goldman Museum of
the Jewish Diaspora

(From an address delivered at the opening of the
exhibition ” ‘La Nacion’ — The Spanish and Portuguese
Jews in the Caribbean”, April 9th, 1981.)