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Micha Bar-Am, is a dear personal friend. Like all photographers, he is an observer. Like most photographers, he does not want to be observed. He hides behind his camera and a wonderful Old Testament Beard. But his eyes twinkle and when he asks, “Are you happy?”, the question is deep with feeling. He is a lovely, warm human being with a lovely, warm wife and children. They are the closest thing to family for me in Israel.

I first met Micha soon after the 1967 war. He had already been a fighter in Israel’s wars, the official photographer to the military for ten years, a recorder of every major and minor military engagement in Israel’s history, and alpine climber, at parachutist, and generally a daredevil. As we toured, in daredevil fashion, the new Greater Israel, there was nobody that did not know him and no part of Israel that he had not personally explored. Not surprisingly Micha has compiled the most thorough photographic record of Israel’s physical battle for survival.

He has almost compiled the most astonishing photographic record of Israel itself. Micha’s profound love for his country, in every aspect, is reflected in that photographic record. This portfolio contains choice selection of unique Micha Bar Am images.

Howard M. Squadron, Chairman
Conference of Presidents of
Major American Jewish Organizations